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Smoke Free Seniors- Private Session
Start living Smoke-Free Today, the Safe, Natural and Effective Way!
Snuff Out The Smokes, Once and For All!
To all our Seniors,
Have you been suffering with the coughing and sputtering caused by smoking?  Are you tired of spending all that money on cigarettes, just to feel miserable?  Do you know you should quit, want to quit, but feel like nothing has worked?

Try something different this time.  My signature Stop Smoking session will have you walking out the door a non-smoker without having to take any chemicals, no pesty patches irritating your skin, and most of all without ever having to light up again!
  • Sleeping better at night, because you are coughing less. 
  • Much more energy
  • Chasing after those adorable grandbabies without being winded.
  • Your clothes and breath will smell cleaner. 
  • Your smile will be brighter and more often, because you feel better
  • You will no longer have to clean filthy ashtrays.
  • Feeling free~ No longer shackled to cigarettes
  • Extra money ~ How will you enjoy it?
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg...It gets better as each day passes

How do I do this...I use a powerful technique called hypnosis.  No, hypnosis is nothing like you see in the movies or on those silly stage shows.  I cannot make you do anything you don't want to do and that even includes clucking like a chicken.  (Smile)  Although, it does feel really good, it is unlike hypnosis for comedy.  Hypnosis for therapeutic purposes  is the ultimate problem solving tool, when it is something you really want, because it eliminates the struggle you feel when using willpower to force yourself to stop smoking.      
Hypnosis is collaborative.  I do not DO anything to you.  I simply guide you into the state of hypnosis, to help you achieve a smoke-free life.  I will also teach you ways to manage stress and unlikely cravings, so you can be smoke-free for life.

Your Special Offer:
  • Session duration 90 minutes
  • Learn Stress Busters and Craving Busters
  • Enjoy a Personalized Approach
  • Smoke-Free For Life Workbook
  • Hypnosis Home Audios (2)
    • Stress Releaser
    • I AM A Non-Smoker
  • Comfortable Office- First Floor Access
Investment:  $170.00 (Less than most people spend on cigarettes in 3 to 4 weeks)

As part of this special offer:  Bring A Friend! and they will get the whole deal too.  You can split the price and pay $85 each. 

For More Information- Call or Email me directly. 
Direct: 603-534-2606

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Offer Valid: May 25, 2018July 15, 2018
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